Month: January 2019

  • New NK Tools Online

    New NK Tools Online

    Most of you have heard of Ring, the wifi-enabled digital video camera and doorbell home security system. When the company was starting out and showing signs of growth, the founder and CEO made a pitch to potential investors on the TV show Shark Tank. The purpose of the pitch was to take the 6-figure company […]

  • NK Tools for Model Results

    NK Tools for Model Results

    Have you ever wondered why some things are the way they are? Why do cars have four wheels? Why are the letters of a keyboard laid out the way they are? Why do men’s shirts and women’s blouses button on different sides? There is an actual explanation for each of these, but, in general, it […]

  • NK Tools for Data Visualization

    NK Tools for Data Visualization

    Everyone would agree that maps are a very useful tool. Tons of information in a very compact and intuitive format. With the onset of digital maps, GPS, and smartphones, we all carry the means to know exactly where we are, know what is around us, and potentially navigate to anywhere in the world. Do realize […]

  • NK Tools for Model Input

    NK Tools for Model Input

    A while back, I posted the article Connect Your Modeling Database to Your GIS, preaching the benefits of using a database-centric approach to dispersion modeling. The main point of the article was one thing (a database) is easier to manage than dozens or hundreds of free-floating files. If you are reviewing someone else’s modeling project, […]