NK Tools for Data Visualization

Everyone would agree that maps are a very useful tool. Tons of information in a very compact and intuitive format. With the onset of digital maps, GPS, and smartphones, we all carry the means to know exactly where we are, know what is around us, and potentially navigate to anywhere in the world. Do realize that none of these things would be possible, not even paper maps, without data.

An air quality analysis (AQA) is nearly completely comprised of spatial data:
• Air contaminant emission source locations
• Receptor locations
• Building locations
• Meteorological station locations
• Ambient air monitor locations
• Air contaminant concentrations at each receptor

All these data are contained in the dozens to hundreds of model input and output files. Commercial model interface software allows the creating of KMLs that you can view in Google Maps or Google Earth, but do you really want to create dozens to hundreds KMLs? NaviKnow has a better way.

These tools compile two, dozens, or hundreds of model (AERMOD and AERMAP) files into ONE easily managed and reviewable data (KML) file. All of sources, building, and receptors in one file. The best thing about these tools is that they are FREE for the asking. You just need to ask by sending an email request [email protected].

Don’t procrastinate and send a request to [email protected]. Work smarter not harder.