NK Tools for Model Input

A while back, I posted the article Connect Your Modeling Database to Your GIS, preaching the benefits of using a database-centric approach to dispersion modeling. The main point of the article was one thing (a database) is easier to manage than dozens or hundreds of free-floating files.

If you are reviewing someone else’s modeling project, you have no control over how they conducted it. Odds are, you will have to review dozens to hundreds of files. If you limit yourself to physically reviewing each file, you will spend hours upon hours reading over millions of numbers and codes. If you don’t have time for that, you could spot check a few files in detail. Either way, odds are, you WILL miss something that was left out or incorrect. If there are millions of dollars at stake for the applicant or if the modeling is being litigated in court, do you really want risk your professional credibility on an infinitely long or piecemeal review?

NaviKnow has the tools to significantly reduce the risk of overlooking errors and omissions potentially contained in a dispersion modeling project. These tools compile two, dozens, or hundreds of files into ONE easily managed and reviewable data file. The best thing about these tools is that they are FREE for the asking. You just need to ask by sending an email request [email protected] .

The tools will not do all of the review for you, but do provide a starting point to make the entire review a whole lot easier. When you send your request, not only will you get three tools to make your work life easier, but you will also receive (wait for it…) an Access database to house the data. ONE container for all of data; input and output. In the database are several queries to QA/QC and summarize the data for you.

So far, this should sound like a pretty good deal. There is more, though. In addition to the tools and database, you will receive detailed step-by-step instructions to import data into the database and run the QA/QC and summary queries. Also included, Excel spreadsheet and Word document templates that are connected to the Access database. No need to manually enter data. Just refresh the data connections with a click.

Why are we giving all this away for FREE just for the asking? We need your input and feedback on what will help YOU the most. We want to improve upon these tools and provide a better product. At some point, there may be a monetary cost for the tools we provide, but for now, there isn’t. So, take advantage while you can.

Don’t procrastinate and send a request to [email protected]. Work smarter not harder.