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  • A $1,000 Saved is a $1,000 Earned

    A $1,000 Saved is a $1,000 Earned

    In business, the most important performance metric is the bottom line. Though market forces are beyond your control, the one factor that is within your control is productivity (product per time). If you could produce the same amount of product in less time, what would it be worth to you? From my own experience and […]

  • Why Are You Wasting Your Time and Your Client’s Money?

    How much time do you spend creating an “area map” for your air quality permit application or dispersion modeling submittal? The short answer is too much. The purpose of providing an area map is to provide to the regulator (and the public) information about where the proposed permitted site is or will be and what […]

  • Downloading Meteorological Data – NK2.0 App

    The purpose of a Rube Goldberg machine is to take the simplest of tasks and make the process so elaborate and grotesquely complicated, it is outright comical. It’s meant to be a joke. Though my sense of humor can be warped at times, there is nothing funny when it comes to dispersion modeling. At times, […]

  • Downloading NED Terrain Data – NK2.0 App

    If you are going to be using AERMOD, you will be using AERMAP to calculate elevations and effective hill heights. AERMAP needs terrain files to work. You can follow EPA’s guidance and follow the 10 steps to download the files needed and then follow another 10+ steps to convert the downloaded files to the required […]

  • Using Land Use to determine Rural or Urban – NK2.0 App

    Determining whether an area is considered rural or urban is one of the simplest tasks in dispersion modeling. If you are spending just a few minutes on performing this task AND documenting your analysis, you are spending wayyy too much time. Watch the short video below to see what I mean.