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Temporal Representativeness – FREE WEBINAR

NaviKnow is presenting a FREE Live webinar mini-course on Temporal Representativeness, February 27th at noon CST. Dispersion modeling requires lots of input data: emission source data, meteorological data, and monitoring data. In order for the modeling results to be valid, it only make sense that all the data that go into the simulation all occurred at about the same time. The guidance is to use contemporaneous or proposed emission rates, the most recent and readily available meteorological data, and the most recent and complete ambient monitoring data. It makes perfect sense that all the input data be temporally representative.

Though the raw data used in the model may be recent, shouldn’t derived data, such as surface characteristics like albedo, Bowen ratio, and roughness length, be based on recent data too? Is it correct to use land cover data from 30 years ago? Why is it acceptable to use onsite meteorology from 50 years ago? Using “old” data may be appropriate, but when is it and when isn’t it appropriate?

All this month, NaviKnow is going to identify conflicting regulatory guidance that could potentially put your dispersion modeling project at risk. In addition to pointing out the contradictory guidance and why there are conflicts, we will pose best practices on how to handle these situations.

Space is limited, so act now. You do not want to miss out on this FREE, LIVE, and value-packed step-by-step webinar workshop brought to you by NaviKnow. If you cannot attend the Live webinar but are still interested in the material, register anyway, as all registrants will be receive a link to a replay of the webinar. Our materials are always available on YOUR time, but you have to register.

By attending this FREE webinar you will receive:
               • Step-by-step instructions (SOPs) to assist you in making the most of your time;
               • Continuing education credit, if applicable; and
               • Links to more tools and training.
Mark February 27th at noon CST on your calendar. We guarantee you will receive a tremendous value for your time.