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NaviKnow is presenting a FREE Live webinar mini-course on Where to Apply AERSURFACE?, February 20th at noon CST. The Guideline on Air Quality Models (40 CFR 51 Appendix W) states in Appendix A “The values for surface roughness, Bowen ratio, and albedo should reflect the surface characteristics in the vicinity of the meteorological tower and should be adequately representative of the modeling domain. [The] atmospheric input variables, including wind speed and direction, ambient temperature, cloud cover, and a morning upper air sounding, should also be adequately representative of the source area when using observed data.” If there is a meteorological tower at the application site, there’s no problem. But what if you don’t? What do you do?

Most dispersion modeling analyses use meteorological data from a NWS station which may be many miles away. Do you apply AERSURFACE at the NWS station location? What if the NWS station location is highly urbanized and your site is miles away in a rural setting. What do you do?

If you are having to defend your (or someone else’s) modeling in court, which option do you choose and what is the explanation for your selection? Are you ready to provide a technical argument for the appropriateness of your selection? For something deemed critical, one would think the choices would be clear, precise, and unambiguous.

All this month, NaviKnow is going to identify conflicting regulatory guidance that could potentially put your dispersion modeling project at risk. In addition to pointing out the contradictory guidance and why there are conflicts, we will pose best practices on how to handle these situations.

Space is limited, so act now. You do not want to miss out on this FREE, LIVE, and value-packed step-by-step webinar workshop brought to you by NaviKnow. If you cannot attend the Live webinar but are still interested in the material, register anyway, as all registrants will be receive a link to a replay of the webinar. Our materials are always available on YOUR time, but you have to register.

By attending this FREE webinar you will receive:
• Step-by-step instructions (SOPs) to assist you in making the most of your time;
• Continuing education credit, if applicable; and
• Links to more tools and training.

Mark February 20th at noon CST on your calendar. We guarantee you will receive a tremendous value for your time.