Identify Off-Property Sources and Other Off-Property Issues

For those old enough to remember the days before the world wide web, if you wanted to buy a product that was not available in a retail store but only through a catalog or telephone operators standing by, you expected to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery for your order. It took that long for the paperwork to be physically handed from one person to another to process the payment, find the product, take it off the shelf, pack it, ship it, and finally deliver it you.

Do you remember those days? Do you ever want to go back to those days?

If you have to perform a NAAQS demonstration with dispersion modeling, and have to include the impact of sources outside of your clients property, to order the information you need, the days of the “6-8 weeks for delivery” have never gone away.

NaviKnow’s mission is to provide the information our customers need and the tools to that information into action, not 6 to 8 weeks from now, but on demand. That is the world we live in now.

With the NaviKnow Air GDB (short for GeoDataBase), the emission source information necessary to perform your dispersion modeling can be available on your computer desktop and the data accessible in a few clicks.

The video below demonstrates the entire process for one pollutant. The video speed is 2X, but still, it does not take much time. Would you rather wait a few days or weeks for similar information?

If you are interested in learning more about the NaviKnow Air GDB, go to You are welcomed to give it a test drive by going to for a 30-day trial.